Colleagues found out about her OnlyFans page and resigned – “Now they pay for my photos”

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Parallel work at school and career in OnlyFans difficult to combine. Everything in life is learned at some point. A former (now) teacher was ashamed that her colleagues discovered her page in OnlyFans and resigned. But that did not stop her former partners from paying to see her sexy poses.

Amy Coop, from North Carolina, was forced to quit her job at a school when there was a lot of fuss over her profile on the page.

The 32-year-old, who taught history to children aged 13-14, is now earning a fortune from the adult subscription site.

She makes 21,000 euros a month with the income coming from the parents of her former students

She earns about 21,000 euros a month selling sexy photos – and some of that cash comes from her former associates. But not only from them as she saw that money was paid by the parents of her former students.

Amy, who has thousands of followers on her Instagram page @ amy.kupps93, revealed that she has made more than 8,000 euros from the father of a former student in recent months.

“After I left my post as my teacher, I was really upset because everyone who worked there seemed to turn their backs on me. “I never expected to hear from any of my former colleagues again and I was so ashamed that they would find out through gossip,” said the girl.

“I was surprised when one of them checked in a few weeks later. And I was even more shocked when he told me that they had subscribed to my channel on OnlyFans. It made me feel really appreciated. “

Amy added: “One of them even told me that his wife was busy and they would watch my content together.

The OnlyFans star could still be working at the school if her ex did not reveal her sexy sidekick.

former teacher at OnlyFans

However, he noted that “I no longer have to worry, I talk to my former colleagues now more on OnlyFans than when I was teaching – and in addition, they pay me!”

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