Colombia: Attacks by Baroness Otoniel’s drug cartel after extradition to US

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About a hundred cars were damaged or burned to the north Colombia Colombian authorities have said in retaliation for attacks on members of the Clan del Golfo cartel over the extradition of its leader, drug lord Otoniel.

Members of the Otoniel-led gang went on a four-day “armed strike” on Thursday. in areas where they have influence: in Antioch and in the prefectures of Cordoba, Sucre and Bolivar.

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During the two days of the gang’s retaliation for the extradition of its leader, “over one hundred vehicles” were damaged or completely destroyedsaid Interior Minister Daniel Palacios, offering $ 7,300 for any information that may lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of the attacks.

In Antioch, reporters reported seeing a number of burning trucks on the side of the road.

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They saw a group of six gunmen – one carrying a rifle, the others light weapons – stopping a vehicle and forcing the occupants to get out before setting it on fire.

Dairo Antonio Ushuga David, Othniel, 50, head of the Klan, was extradited Wednesday from Bogota to New York, where he will stand trial mainly for cocaine trafficking and criminal gang management from June 2003 to October 2021 ( date of his arrest), according to Brooklyn District Attorney Brion Peace.

Otoniel pleaded not guilty Thursday. The next hearing is scheduled for June 2. If convicted, he could face up to life in prison.

Defense Minister Diego Molano announced the “creation of a special unit” of the army with the mission of “dismantling” the gang, which, according to estimates by the independent research center INDEPAZ, still has about 1,700 members.

He also pledged to increase patrols on streets and municipalities to restore order and protect the free movement of persons and goods, as well as the operation of businesses.

According to Interior Minister Palacios, 44 suspects in the attacks have been arrested.

Following the arrest of Otoniel, Wilver Giraldo and Giovanni Jesούςs Avila Villadiego, better known by their nicknames “Shipoas” and “Tsikito Malo”, took over the administration of the Clan del Golfo. Defense Minister Molano announced yesterday that the amount offered by Bogota for information that could lead to their arrest to $ 1.2 million is being increased.

Source: News Beast

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