Colombia: Drug lord jailed in US orders police killings to end

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THE drug lord “Othoniel”where is being held in a US prisonordered her gang of, the Clan del Golfo, to end the spate of police killings which followed its publication by its authorities Colombia in May, his lawyer announced on Thursday.

In a letter distributed to the media and assured by his defense team as authentic, Dairo Antonio Usuga David, or Otoniel, ordered members of the Clan del Golfo, the gang he led until his arrest in October, to to “cease activities against the security forces in Colombia.”

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Since the beginning of the year, armed groups have killed 36 police officers, as violence flares up in the Andean nation.

THE Clan del Golfoas reported by APE-MPE, responsible for 18 murders, according to the authorities, who consider it possible makes a show of strength in view of possible negotiations with the new president Gustavos Petroswho will take office the day after tomorrow, Sunday.

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Ο ΟτονιέλΟ ΟτονιέλOthniel

The gang, formed from remnants of far-right paramilitary groups, has about 3,000 fighters and associates, according to independent estimates. It offers a reward ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 dollars for the killing of each police or military officer.

Othniel also asked his men to stop “armed action that harms the civilian population.”

In May, Klan declares ‘armed strike’ to protest Othniel’s extradition proceedingsparalyzing sectors of the country and killing at least eight civilians.

Othoniel, who pleaded not guilty in federal court in Brooklyn to cocaine-trafficking charges and could face life in prison if convicted, also called on “the new administration to pursue a peace deal.”

Ο ΟτονιέλΟ ΟτονιέλOthniel

Gustavo Petros wants to resume peace negotiations with the ELN (National Liberation Army, Gebarists) and has stated that his goal is to achieve “complete” peace in the country. He has also proposed reduced sentences in exchange for surrendering to the authorities members of gangs that mainly deal in drugs.

Colombia remains the world’s number one producer of cocaine. The US continues to be the country where the largest quantities are consumed.

Source: News Beast

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