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Colombia: Exciting footage from the rescue of the children who survived in the Amazon jungle for 40 days

Exciting footage from the rescue of the four children in Colombia, who survived for 40 days alone in the Amazon jungleafter a plane crash that killed their mother.

In the video published by the Colombian Ministry of Defense Twitter account, we see some of the children perched in the arms of their rescuers, during their airlift from the jungle that has been their home for many weeks.

The army helicopter took the four brothers to the hospital, where they are undergoing tests and receiving the care they need.

At this time, no details have been released about what the four siblings, ages 13, 9, 4 and 1 year old, who have been missing since May 1st, when the Cessna 206 they were traveling in crashed in the past weeks. The three adults on board the aircraft were found dead by the military at the crash site, and the four children, members of the indigenous Uitoto tribe, had been wandering in the thick vegetation for several weeks without being found until now.

According to the Daily Mail, the four children were found dehydrated and skeletal, with tattered clothes and bites on their bodies. “They were together, they are weak, let’s let the doctors examine them. They found them, that makes me very happy”Colombian President Gustavo Petro told reporters, emphasizing that they made it out on their own in the jungle.

The Colombian military released photos on Twitter of the scene where the brothers were found, sitting on sackcloths, surrounded by soldiers and natives who offered them food and drink. The two older ones wore ripped jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts, their legs wrapped in strips of fabric.

According to the children’s grandfather, Fidencio Valencia, the little brothers were actually not far from the crash site. “They were found by an Araraquara native who had been looking for them since the beginning, Henry Guerrero,” added the grandfather. “I never lost hope, I always supported research. I feel very happy,” said the children’s grandmother upon hearing the joyful news.

News of the children’s disappearance went around the world, as did videos and photos of the army’s rescue operation. More than a hundred soldiers, with the help of specially trained dogs, and dozens of indigenous people were searching for the children in the jungle on the border of Guaviare and Kaketa prefectures, after the plane was spotted with its nose on the ground in the dense vegetation. Bottles, scissors, shoes, half-eaten fruit, footprints and even makeshift shelters were found along the way.

Source: News Beast

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