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Colombia: teachers take to the streets against educational reform

Thousands of Colombian teachers and their supporters marched on Monday (17) in Bogotá against an educational reform that is underway in Congress.

Protesters claimed that the planned reform would harm teachers’ rights and the integrity of the public education system.

The “Taking of Bogotá” strike, led by the main teachers union the Federación Colombiana de Educadores (Fecode), walked to the Congress building in Bolívar square, while teachers and protesters held Colombian flags and banners against the bill.

Fecode said in a statement that senators included amendments to the bill that they originally agreed with the government undermining public education, privatizing it and eliminating pre-school grades from the public system, among others.

The union began a nationwide strike on June 12, calling on the government to suspend the legislative process on the bill.

Education is part of an ambitious set of reforms that President Gustavo Petro has committed to promoting during his term, along with pensions, health care and work.

Source: CNN Brasil

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