Colombian President Gustavo Petro received a gift of 100,000 Satoshi worth $38.3, after which he called cryptocurrencies and blockchain promising technologies for the development of the country.

The gift to the political leader was made by JAN3 CEO Samson Mow, who
jokedthat President Gustavo Petro has now officially become a “Bitcoin Hodler.” After this, Petro said that the blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies operate could be promising for Colombian citizens.

On the occasion of the Bitcoin acquisition, Petro said he would form task forces within government and local nonprofits to study the economic benefits of blockchain. The President of Colombia admitted that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have already been implemented at the public level, and will continue to develop.

This initiative could be the first step towards legalizing Bitcoin in Colombia. Another Latin American country, El Salvador, legalized Bitcoin as a means of payment back in September 2021. Shortly after Argentina elected Javier Milei, considered a Bitcoin proponent, as its new president on November 19, 2023, El Salvador and Argentina began discussing a Bitcoin diplomatic mission aimed at achieving economic freedom.

Colombia is open not only to blockchain, but also to metaverses. In February, the country hosted its first two-hour court hearing in the Metaverse using the Horizon Workrooms platform. The court concluded that new technology has made the proceedings faster and easier.