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Color correcting (that works) to cover facial blemishes, such as melasma, according to Paola Turani

Let’s talk about skin discoloration and, in particular, about facial spots. Many people are destined to: women and men with the most varied phototypesand we’re not necessarily talking about elderly people, on the contrary. See the case of Paola TuraniThe very popular model and influencer from Bergamo, who will celebrate her 37th birthday in August, has published an accurate photo on her Instagram page video tutorial entirely dedicated to the make-up to make facial blemishes invisible. Which, in his case, are a uncomfortable legacy of pregnancy (her son Enea was born in 2021). Paola Turani reveals all the steps and makeup products to erase blemishes. And to do so she uses the unbeatable color correcting technique. Let’s find out more together.

Paola Turani’s make-up tutorial and tips for removing blemishes

«Well yes», Paola Turani begins in her video, «after sun exposure my spots return on my face, or rather pregnancy melasma. They appeared right after pregnancy and as soon as I expose myself to the sun they come back nice and strong, even though I always wear SPF 50 all year round. I’ll show you how to erase them with just makeup.” And here we get to the heart of the tutorial: «First let’s use a concealer»explains Paola Turani. «The important thing is that it is a concealer with orange or peach tone. In my case I will mix these two colors”, comments the model, showing her followers the palette (which, as Paola Turani then specifies in the comments, is the Dermacolor Camouflage Palette of the professional brand Kryolan). «It is important to use a brush with very thick and compact bristles. Then we will slowly tap on the stains, without dragging the product with the brush. The orange color will neutralize the dark color of the stain and we apply it only on the stains, obviously. Then I take this second brush and I go to blend slightly. If we put on foundation right away it will make the blemishes stand out even more.which will be even more visible in natural light. Only at this point can we apply the foundation» (Paola Turani dispenses a pump onto the special sponge). «Use the foundation of your tone and pat it in. After the sponge I take a slightly larger brush to blend everything. Even the neck, mind you! To then resume the three-dimensionality of the complexion of the face I add concealer under my eyesto illuminate this area. IThe secret is to build a base with light layers of different colors.so as to obtain an even complexion. Then I use powder: I don’t use much, a very small amount is enough. Luminous bronzer on cheekbones, nose and temples. It seems to me that there is no trace of the stains anymore!», concludes Paola Turani, satisfied with her result. In fact the influencer’s facial skin appears perfectly even and luminouswith a pleasant sunkissed effect that immediately makes you feel like you’re at the beach. All we have to do is put her advice into practice.

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