Color trend, the «touch of toffee» hair autumn is here

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In general, during the cold season, dark colors dominate the scene, from dark chocolate brown to mahogany red. Autumn 2021, however, debuts with a decidedly lighter, warmer and brighter hair color: write down the name “touch of toffee”. Do you know the delicate color of the delicious toffee candies? There, the hair is dressed in those soft light brown shades, artfully mixed with shades of darker brown, giving life to a A greedy and decidedly autumnal chromatic mélange. If you are (rightly) wondering which looks best interprets the «touch of toffee» color, the answer is only one: Jennifer Lopez. The Latin pop star is, in fact, the perfect spokesperson for the mou-like hair, tailor-made for her by trusted colourist Chris Appleton, wizard of natural-effect shades.

As he explains Francesca Noli, color technician of Toni & Guy Monti, «The touch of toffee shade should immediately bring to mind one soft, enveloping nuance, capable of making us shine. Toffee-colored hair has a great advantage: with the right precautions, it can look good on everyone. Its peculiarity consists in one very wide palette of toffee facets, to be created both on a brown base and on a dark blonde base. In the first case the toffee tone will be darker and deeper, in the second it will be lighter and honeyed. To create this multifaceted color, the choice of technique is very important: good scanning, that get a nuance that leaves the depth of the client’s natural color on the roots and fades over the lengths to create an effect that is gradually clearer, always natural and soft. Ideal for those with fair complexions and green or hazel eyes, the touch of toffee should be kept at home using always specific shampoo and mask for colored hair (get advice from the salon expert), as well as reconstruction and hydration pre-styling products for the well-being of the hair fiber. If you choose it, know that it will be necessary to refresh the shade after about 4 weeks, returning to the salon for a highlighter and gloss service ».

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In the gallery, 10 idioms “touch of toffee”.

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