Columbus Zoo tiger dies from COVID-19 complications

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The Columbus, Ohio Zoo reported that a 14-year-old tiger died from complications of pneumonia stemming from the covid-19 virus, just days after showing symptoms of the disease.

Jupiter, a Siberian tiger, also known as the Amur tiger, died on June 26 at the facility after developing pneumonia caused by covid-19. According to information shared on social networks by zoo officials, it is the first animal in the enclosure to die from a disease related to the virus.

We are sad to report that 14-year-old Amur tiger Jupiter passed away on Sunday June 26, 2022 after developing pneumonia caused by the covid-19 virus. Jupiter had been on long-term treatment for underlying chronic conditions, which made him more susceptible to this virus.

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According to a post on the zoo’s official Facebook account, keepers reported that they noticed Jupiter was sick on June 22:

jupiter tiger

He was not interested in eating and was reluctant to stand, move, or interact with caregivers.

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The next day, the feline was anesthetized to perform a medical examination and diagnose the cause of his illness. The results showed an infection, so treatment was given, but his condition did not improve:

Veterinarians checking a tiger

Unfortunately, Jupiter did not improve with this treatment. The next day, she received additional treatments and more diagnostic tests. Although she seemed stable, she passed away overnight.

Jupiter, born in 2007 at the Moscow Zoo, Russia, arrived at the Ohio Zoo in March 2015. He fathered nine cubs, six of whom were born at the Columbus Zoo, contributing to the future of this endangered species.

Tiger and her cubs

In the wake of the big cat’s death, zoo staff are taking more stringent measures to prevent Covid-19 infections in other animals, such as cats, apes and mustelids, that are susceptible to contracting the virus.

Source: Okchicas

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