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Comando Vermelho leader’s wife participated in meetings with members of the Ministry of Justice

The wife of one of the leaders of the Red Command in Amazonas made two visits to the Ministry of Justice this year. Luciane Barbosa Farias is the wife of Clemilson dos Santos Farias, known as “Tio Patinhas”, arrested in December 2022.

Luciane Barbosa and her husband were convicted in the second instance of money laundering, trafficking association and criminal organization. He is serving 31 years in Tefé prison (AM). She was sentenced to ten years and is free to appeal.

Luciane’s meetings at the Ministry of Justice were with the Secretaries of Penal Policies, Rafael Velasco; of Legislative Affairs, Elias Vaz; and with the coordinator of Pronasci (National Program for Public Security with Citizenship), Tamires Sampaio.

The information was released by the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo and confirmed by CNN with members of the department. Minister Flávio Dino spoke about the subject on social media.

“I have never received, in a hearing at the Ministry of Justice, a leader of a criminal faction, or a wife, or a relative, or a neighbor. Absurdly, they simply invent my presence at a hearing that did not take place in my office. About the hearing, in another location, without my knowledge or presence”, he wrote.

The MJ’s Secretary of Legislative Affairs, Elias Vaz, released a note about the meeting. He confirmed the meeting, but stated that it took place in the wake of an agenda with a former deputy.

Check it out in full:

“I inform you that, on March 14, I received a request for a hearing from Ms. Janira Rocha, former state deputy in Rio de Janeiro and vice-president of the ANACRIM-RJ Penitentiary Affairs Commission.

At the meeting, held on March 16, Mrs. Janira Rocha was accompanied by Mrs. Ana Lúcia, mother of young Lucas Vinícius, who died in 2022.

And also Luana Lima, mother of Lara Maria Nascimento, who died in 2022; and Luciane Farias, from the state of Amazonas. During the hearing, from mothers Ana Lúcia and Luana Lima, I heard demands asking for speed in investigations into the deaths of their children.

At the time, I received the attached documents, none of which dealt with cases that occurred in the state of Amazonas. As for Ms. Luciane, she was accompanying lawyer Janira Rocha, and limited herself to talking about supposed irregularities in the penitentiary system.

For this reason, it was suggested to lawyer Janira Rocha that they contact the National Secretariat for Penal Policies (SENAPPEN).

I have a long parliamentary and political career, always with the mark of seriousness. I assisted lawyer Janira Rocha and companions because I knew the aforementioned professional and she wanted to talk about homicide victims.

I repudiate any abject and political involvement of my name with criminal activities.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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