Coming out of the former minister Spadafora: «I’m gay. Now I’ll be a little happier and freer “

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«I hope, from tomorrow, to be considered for what I do, for how I do it, the same man as always for my family, for my friends. Maybe from tomorrow I’ll just be happier because I’ll be freer ». Former Minister of Sport Vincenzo Spadafora concludes his speech with these words a What’s the weather like, an intervention that is his coming out.

At the broadcast of Rai Tre Spadafora, exponent of the 5 Star Movement, presents his book, Without reserve. In politics and in life, published by Solferino, in which he speaks for the first time about his homosexuality. “I think that people’s private lives must remain such and if we were a more culturally advanced country, especially on the issue of rights, perhaps even the debates of recent weeks would not have even addressed them. But I also think that those who have a public, political role like mine, in this historical moment, have something more responsibility».

This is the former minister’s first motivation, but not the only one. “I did it, I must say, also for myself, because I learned, perhaps very late, that it is very important to love each other and above all to respect each other”. Spadafora shows emotion on live TV. “One motivation is a lot politics, this is also a way for me to testify my political commitment. For all those who fight for their rights every day and have less chance to do so than I have thanks to my work. But it is also a kind testimony religious, I am very Catholic, the two things might seem in contradiction but they are not at all. The Pope explained it well but also my spiritual father, Father Ottavio, how much love for everyone, gay, straight, really goes above all else in the mercy of God ».

There is also a reference to how much LGBTQI + issues are manipulated in politics, without, however, making direct reference to what happened in Parliament in recent weeks with the sinking of the Zan Bill. «This theme in politics is unfortunately still used to hurt the opponent, for that background buzz that is sometimes very dreary and that I have suffered too. Tonight I wanted to turn off this buzz knowing that I remain the man I am, with all the path, even complicated, personal, that each of us makes in his life, for whatever reason. And of which we must have a lot of respect ».

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