Commission: For the 8th time, Turkey refused to inspect a ship at the request of the ‘Irini’ operation

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For the eighth time, Turkey has refused to inspect a ship at the request of Operation Irini, which concerns the arms embargo in Libya, Commission Spokesperson Nabila Masrali said.

Asked about a tweet on the account of the company “Irini” according to which Turkey did not allow the inspection on the vessel MV Parpali, Ms. Masrali noted:

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“We regret Turkey’s refusal to inspect yet another ship under Operation Irini on Sunday evening based on UN Security Council Resolution 2292 on the arms embargo on Libya.”

He added, that “all the members of the United Nations are called by the UN Security Council to cooperate with regard to the inspections” pointing out that “this is the eighth case that this has happened”.

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Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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