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Committee investigating Capitol invasion raises pressure on Trump in US

The US Congressional committee investigating the US Capitol invasion on January 6, 2021, has picked up important indications of the responsibility of then-President Donald Trump in the riots that ended with at least five deaths and dozens of arrests. .

Trump rejects the commission’s claims and prepares to face a popularity test in elections that will renew part of Congress on Nov. After a series of public hearings held in June, the committee halted work for the 4th of July holiday celebrations, but is expected to resume activities next week, and a report with final conclusions is expected to be presented in September.

In this episode of E Tem Mais, Muriel Porfiro presents an overview of the investigations into the invasion of the Capitol. To describe the possible political impacts of the case, the correspondent of the CNN in the USA Mariana Janjácomo and professor of international relations Carlos Gustavo Poggio, from FAAP.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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