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Companies provide free medical consultations for Rio Grande do Sul

Amid the chaos generated by the floods in Rio Grande do Sul, companies come together to provide support to those affected by the rains. Around 300 general practitioners and 50 pediatricians will be made available free of charge to serve the population of Rio Grande do Sul.

The joint initiative between the Conexa group and Hapvida NotreDame is in operation through video calls available 24 hours a day for consultations throughout the State.

“We, who enable access to healthcare for millions of Brazilians through operators and companies, could not help but be together with the people of Rio Grande do Sul at this difficult time”, says Guilherme Weigert, CEO of Conexa.

The project wants to help people in places isolated by floods or who are unable to travel to hospitals and clinics.

“Our users already had the right to use the telemedicine service and we understood that we should expand the possibility of receiving medical care to the general population. Our Company is committed to bringing comfort, safety and better health to the people of Rio Grande do Sul.” concludes Jorge Pinheiro, president of Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica.

Rain deaths

The number of people killed as a result of the rains that hit Rio Grande do Sul over the last two weeks rose to 149. According to a Civil Defense report released this Wednesday (15), the state still has 108 missing and 806 injured.

In total, 2,144,124 people were affected. They are distributed across 446 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul. According to Civil Defense, 538,126 individuals are homeless and 76,580 have gone to shelters.

Since the start of response operations to the environmental tragedy, 76,588 people and 11,427 animals have been rescued.

Source: CNN Brasil

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