Companies that do not adhere to low carbon will be left behind, says expert

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In an interview with CNN, the executive director of the UN Global Compact’s Brazil Network, Carlo Pereira, said that the time is for “restructuring and reformulating business models” in terms of environmental concerns.

A study by the organization and Accenture shows that only 18% of the executives interviewed said they had obtained the necessary clarifications, from the government and legislators, in order to comply with the goals of sustainability and climate change.

At the same time, 80% understand that sustainability is necessary, while 30% say they do what is necessary to be sustainable.

For Carlos, this generates a “rhetorical gap”, since businessmen understand the importance of the issue, but do not act to fulfill it. “Companies need to act in this direction”, he defended. “It’s a great opportunity for Brazil. Companies that do not align themselves with the low-carbon economy will be left behind.”

He also explained the path for this: “We need more clarity from governments, and I would expand to global governance. What will be decided at COP26 is the Paris Agreement rulebook, for the market to understand how it should act, how the so-called carbon market works, who will participate, whether there will be a global market or not.”

Carlo Pereira also said he believes the changes will be quick. He cited former US Vice President Al Gore’s assessment that the Sustainability Revolution will be more transformative than the Industrial Revolution and faster than the Digital Revolution.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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