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Compermisito Balenciaga: Zara Home sells brooms for almost 40 dollars

Having a clean house is essential to live in complete tranquility. For this it is necessary to have the necessary implements that make housework easier for us and among these tools is the broom, but how much would you be willing to pay for one?

The networks have been on fire in recent days due to the advertising of the home line of the Spanish brand ZARA, which has been promoting a broom with its respective dustpan for the modest amount of 37 dollars.

broom and dustpan zara home

This advertisement has generated more laughter than sales, since it aroused the curiosity of many Internet users, who cannot explain why such a basic product would be at such a high price. However, this is not the first time that the brand has played it for us, since before it had already offered a bath sponge for almost 16 dollars.

Many users began to make fun of the price of the broom. Even one girl thought it was a joke, but no. In fact, in its home line, ZARA also has products such as a mop with its bucket for $85, an ironing board for over $200, and even a trash can for $117. How why?

Zara brand household products

These exorbitant prices are almost ridiculous, which is why many think it’s a joke, especially when you can get your broom and dustpan for less than five dollars in any jigsaw shop. For this reason, users wonder why someone would buy a broom at ZARA and the reactions on Twitter did not wait..

In the product description, as if to make it seem fully worth its price, they say that it is made of a beech wood stick, acrylic bristles, and that the dustpan is made of lacquered metal. Also, the innovation that this product offers is that you can hook the broom to the dustpan handle in two different ways.

broom and dustpan zara home

No doubt, people who buy this broom will clean their house with a lot of style or at least it would seem, but the truth is that a cheap or expensive broom does the same job, the only difference is that one looks more nice What other. Curiously, there are people who care about these aesthetic issues.

Source: Okchicas

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