Competition Commission: Memorandum of cooperation with the Personal Data Protection Authority

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On 5/8/2022, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data and the Competition Committee, by the President of the Authority Mr. Konstantinos Menudakos and the President of the Competition Committee Professor Mr. Ioannis Lianos.

The two authorities agreed on the development of closer ties between them, on the exchange of know-how and the utilization of their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the economy and the public interest in general, while at the same time ensuring the freedoms and rights of the individual and in particular the protection of personal data, based on timely and substantial cooperation and exchange of information and opinions, as well as mutual assistance in the examination of cases and in joint investigations, in their areas of competence.

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The presidents of the two Authorities, Mr. Konstantinos Menudakos and Ioannis Lianos stated the following regarding this:

“In the complex field of activities developed within the digital market and digital services in general, the issue of personal data protection, competition regulation and consumer protection must be considered as an indivisible and unified unit that needs a coherent, combined and supplementary implementation. This is a very important factor in strengthening and expanding the already good cooperation between the Data Protection Authority and the Competition Commission”.

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Source: Capital

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