Competition creates an encrypted system to boost the ‘tip-offs’ of anonymous informants

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The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) It has created a system of anonymous informants (SICA) to reinforce the detection and fight against company cartels and other conducts that violate free competition. This mechanism involves going one step beyond the current reporting mailbox that the supervisor has open, since in this case the collaborator is assured a completely encrypted and anonymous channel that, according to the CNMC, guarantees total confidentiality.

“The operation of the new SICA is very simple and is similar to that of an encrypted chat. Thus, when the citizen enters information in the system, he obtains an alphanumeric code, which will be the only way to enter these conversations. The informant You will not have to enter any type of personal information (telephone, name or email) to collaborate with the CNMC and a two-way and anonymous communication will be established “, explains the organization that directs Cani Fernández it’s a statement.

Communication will take place directly with the Economic Intelligence Unit, It is made up of a group of experts in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, as well as economists and lawyers, who use algorithms and techniques of big data analysis to carry out their research.

This unit has been key to the detection of various criminal organizations such as the cartel that distributed the contracts of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) and, more recently, the compound by pharmaceutical producers of radiopharmaceuticals PET.

The tip off carried out by the new encrypted chat will be analyzed in an open period of time and could lead to a formal investigation at a later stage on the company or companies that engage in these anti-competitive practices.

In addition to the recently launched system (SICA), the CNMC has two other channels for citizen collaboration: one by telephone (671 483 741), and an e-mail mailbox ( It also has other tools for detecting anti-competitive practices, such as the Clemency Program that allows the confessor to obtain reductions in penalties for criminal conduct.

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