Competition Dept.: OK to acquire Henry Dunan from Blantyre Capital Limited

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The Competition Commission gave the “green light” to the acquisition of exclusive control by Blantyre Capital Limited over the company “Semi-Owned Private Limited Company OPERATING NURSING UNITS AND MEDICAL – DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS AND PROVIDING RELATED SERVICES” (Henry Dunan Hospital).

In particular, at a meeting of the Competition Commission, on August 04, 2022 (Decision 795/2022), it was decided, unanimously, to approve the notified concentration regarding the acquisition of exclusive control by Blantyre Capital Limited over the company “IMITHEA MONOPROSOPI SA OPERATING HOSPITAL UNITS AND MEDICAL – DIAGNOSTIC CENTERS AND PROVISION OF RELATED SERVICES” (Erricos Dunan Hospital), which was previously practiced by the owner of 100% of the share capital of IMITHEA, “BANK OF PIRAEUS S.A.”.

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As the Commission states in a relevant announcement, Blantyre is an investment company that specializes in investment management (debt and equity), especially in special and/or complex cases of restructuring, reorganization and/or transition of investment portfolios. In the present concentration there are no horizontal or vertical overlaps of activities between Blantyre and IMITHEA. Blantyre does not own participations in other companies active in the market of private general clinics in Greece, nor do investment funds active in this market participate in Blantyre. The conditions of competition will not change as a result of the transaction in question either horizontally or vertically and the considered concentration is not expected to bring about changes in the structure of the relevant market and consequently will not affect the level of competition or lead to its limitation in they.

Therefore, the Competition Commission unanimously approved, in accordance with Article 8 paragraph 3 of Law 3959/2011, the notified concentration, given that, although it falls within the scope of paragraph 1 of Article 6 of Law 3959/2011, it does not raises serious doubts, as to its compatibility with the requirements of the operation of competition in the individual markets it concerns.

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Source: Capital

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