Competitor Musk launches rocket with revamped crew capsule in Texas – broadcast

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Today, January 14 at 17:35 Kyiv time, in western Texas, the American company Blue Origin will launch a New Shepard reusable rocket on a suborbital flight with an updated capsule for future passenger “trips”.


This is the 14th New Shepard mission and the first flight of this particular rocket (fourth prototype).

The rocket will take off, reach a certain height, after which the capsule will separate from it. For some time, both parts will still rise by inertia, after which they will begin to free fall and make differently controlled landings. Everything will take about 10 minutes. The maximum takeoff speed will be ~ 3600 km / h.

In this mission, the capsule will feature an updated interior, acoustics, temperature control, crew monitors, speakers with a microphone, and a talk button on each seat. The system of communication of tourists and their warning about emergencies will also be checked. The capsule will have six seats: one will seat the Skywalker dummy.

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Click to enlarge the mission map:

Scheme: Blue Origin
REFERENCE… New Shepard is a system for commercial suborbital flights with a BE-3PM engine powered by LO / LH fuel pair (489 kN thrust). Consists of a single-stage reusable rocket and a 15 m passenger capsule3… Made from multiple layers of durable transparent film, the capsule’s windows transmit 92% of visible light. New Shepard operates autonomously: the flight is controlled by an on-board computer, and not by the pilot or engineers from the ground. Each launch in the control room requires no more than 26 people. The development of the system started in 2006. For its own spaceport, the company of the owner, one of the richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos, acquired 770 sq. km of land in Texas. Passengers will be charged $ 200-300 thousand for the joy of a 10-minute flight. You can read more about New Shepard here.

Eugene Pilipenko

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