Compiled a rating of smartphones with the highest radiation emission

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The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection maintains an extensive database of smartphones and the level of radiation they emit. Based on its data, Statista has compiled a rating of mobile gadgets with the highest rate (as of December 9, 2021) – all of them are well-known models, but, however, not the newest.

At the moment, the smartphone that emits the most radiation is the Motorola Edge – 1.79 W / kg. It is worth noting that earlier in the ranking there were even premium models in the face of the iPhone 7 and 8, but over time they were ousted by other devices.

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As noted by Statista, now the effect of radiation from smartphones on people is little studied, and there is simply no universal guide to the “safe” level of radiation from mobile devices. However, the German agency Der Blaue Engel only certifies devices with a reading of less than 0.6 W / kg. For all devices presented in the rating, it exceeds this value by more than 2 times.

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