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Compound website hacked

Users should avoid the Compound Finance website, which may redirect visitors to a phishing site and pose a significant security risk, according to on-chain analyst ZachXBT.

Compound Finance confirmed the hack and advised against interacting with the page until further notice.

“The Compound protocol was not affected, all funds in smart contracts are safe,” assured the project representatives.

In 2023, hackers temporarily took control of an X protocol account to promote a phishing site.

The attackers posted an ad for free tokens. It called for clicking on a link that imitated the official protocol page.

Following the team’s actions, the post was marked as “scam.” Four hours later, she was able to regain control of the account and delete the spam message.

In Q2 2024, SlowMist’s MistTrack service received 467 reports of cryptocurrency thefts. The funds of 18 victims, worth $22.66 million, were frozen.

Among the most common methods, experts indicated leaks of private keys, phishing and fraud.

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Source: Cryptocurrency

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