Compulsory green pass for getting around and for public places. The road is marked

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Per to travel on trains, planes and ships, to have a social life, from the restaurant (indoors) to the disco, to enter public places. The Green pass is about to become mandatory. The road is marked, as has been clear for days, despite the “against” of the right, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia.

Compulsory green pass, a marked road

Today the Scientific Technical Committee will deliver to the Prime Minister a document with the basic rules. The control room will meet by Wednesday.

Then the decision almost certainly imposed in the form of a decree.

Too many cases of Delta variant

The main point of the CTS document, on which the request for mandatory green pass in crowded environments is based, is clearly the evident increase in cases due to the Delta variant. This, in fact, «is characterized by greater contagiousness. And the ability to induce even serious or fatal manifestations in unvaccinated subjects or those who have received only one dose of vaccine “.

Scientists underline and reiterate the danger of the Delta variant “destined, in a short time, to become dominant in Italy”. But also “capable of inducing severe symptoms, with significant indices of hospitalization and even of lethality, in unvaccinated subjects over 60 years of age. And also, albeit to a lesser extent, in those who have received only one dose of the vaccine ».

So what the CTS recommends is one blanket vaccination campaign for those over 60 not yet immunized. Even house by house, if necessary “in order to identify, as quickly as possible, those at greatest risk for personal reasons who have not yet received the vaccine”.

These data are also confirmed by the new report of the National Institute of Health. Here it is confirmed that in the 60-79 age group “47.7% of new cases were not vaccinated. On the other hand, only 18.2% had completed the vaccination cycle. Of those who ended up in intensive care, 71.2% had no coverage. But with a double dose the percentage dropped to 3%, to 25.8% with a single dose. 73.1% of the deceased were not vaccinated, only 5.6% had completed the cycle ».

The Green pass will be valid 14 days after the second dose, or of course if you have recovered or returned from a negative swab within 48 hours.

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