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Concern in Germany: Muslim students consider the Koran more important than the laws of the state

The vast majority of Muslim students in Germany consider the rules of the Koran more important than the laws of the state, while almost one in two believe that the best form of state is that of an Islamic theocratic system. According to a survey by the Criminal Research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN), 67.8% of Muslim students attending German schools say that “the rules of the Koran are more important than the Constitution and laws” of the German state . In addition, 51.5% believe that “only Islam is able to provide solutions to the problems of our time” and 45.8% that “an Islamic theocratic system is the best state”. 36.5% say German society would be stronger if Islamic rules were applied and 35.3% express understanding for violence against people who insult Allah or Muhammad and indeed 21.25% justify the Islamic violence in the West, as long as Islam is threatened, while 18.1% still consider it justified […]
Source: News Beast

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