Concern in Italy over rising Rt coronavirus transmission rate

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The increase of the transmission index coronavirus Rt, which is at 0.91, while last week was at 0.66, worries her Italy.

The index is at the same level as in early April, when the whole country was divided into orange and red zones.

In Italy they were recorded in the last week 19 coronavirus cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. According to Rai Public Television, if this upward trend continues, new decisions may be made, returning to the use of the mask outdoors and the creation of “yellow zones”, while at this stage they are all white.

The Italian health authorities add that 19 regions, out of a total of 21, are currently at “mild risk” of transmitting the virus. It is also emphasized that it is essential to complete the vaccination of the population immediately, with particular reference to vulnerable groups.

As for the use of the “green certificate” to enter a series of public spaces – as was done in France – in July, the Draghi government may take a formal decision. Government sources say it may affect access to cinemas, theaters, trains, airplanes, but not restaurants and cafes.

At the same time, according to a response from the Athens News Agency, it is not ruled out that the “green certificate” may be adopted as a solution for teachers and school staff, with the aim of safely returning students to school in mid-September.

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