Confederation of Municipalities: 94% of cities agree on vaccine passport

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In an interview with CNN, Carla Albert, manager of the health area of ​​the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), said that 94% of the cities that participated in a survey by the institution agree with the mandatory requirement of the vaccine passport.

For her, it is essential that the measure is adopted, so that there is “a New Year’s Eve with the least possible risk”.

According to the survey carried out by the CNM, 65% of municipalities should not hold public New Year’s Eve parties. For the manager, this is explained by the circulation of the coronavirus and the arrival of the Ômicron variant in Brazil.

“What I understand is that they are doing their homework: surveillance. Not just from the city itself,” Albert said.

According to her, the health administrations in each state have taken regional decisions, which is important to collectively combat the pandemic.

As for Carnival, Albert said that the municipalities have not yet decided on the holding of public festivals.

She understands that clusters caused by major events are still a risk. Thus, it is necessary to maintain care such as the use of masks, gel alcohol and, above all, vaccination.

According to the CNM, 92% of municipal administrations intend to maintain the mandatory use of masks even with immunization. Currently, 98% of the municipalities surveyed maintain mask use in private places, and 86% in public places.

According to Albert, the numbers of coronavirus infection “are in full decline”, as are hospitalizations and deaths.

Another positive point raised is that fewer cities are registering a lack of immunization against Covid-19.

“Only 6.7% of more than 2,200 municipalities that responded to the questionnaire said they had a lack of vaccines (either first or second dose). Lowest percentage in the recorded history”, stated the manager.

Carla Albert also said that, even though it is not at the most critical moment of the pandemic, one cannot let down one’s guard, following the protocols for combating the pandemic.

See the full interview in the video above

Reference: CNN Brasil

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