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Confusion on flights increases by almost 60% since pandemic, and airlines suggest list of “banned from flying”

According to data from the Brazilian Association of Airlines (Abear), confusion on flights has increased by almost 60% since the pandemic. In 2023 alone, 735 incidents with unruly passengers were recorded — an average of two records per day. A fifth of these episodes involved physical attacks or threats.

The last year before the pandemic, 2019 recorded 440 incidents. In 2020, with the flow of flights reduced due to the consequences of Covid-19, 278 were registered; the following year, this number rose again and reached 626; In 2022, there were 700 confusions.

From January to May this year, 232 incidents were recorded — resulting in 3,011 confusions since 2019.

Keeping an eye on this scenario, airlines — through Abear — defend the regulation of measures that can curb this type of behavior. The association even suggests evaluating the creation of a “no fly list” for passengers who commit serious acts on board.

The “no fly list” is a mechanism used, for example, in the United States and consists of a list with the names of people who are not authorized to board a commercial plane to travel with the country as origin or destination.

Starting at 10am this Tuesday (25th), the board of directors of the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) will meet to analyze a proposed resolution that creates stricter rules for undisciplined passengers. The decision will be communicated in an interview with a journalist at 3pm.

One of the possibilities is the authorization for airlines to create lists and prevent, for up to a year, the boarding of passengers involved in incidents of this nature.

Punishments such as warning, restraint, removal of the passenger from the plane and cancellation of the ticket are also foreseen. A public consultation to discuss the topic should be opened in the coming days.

According to current Brazilian rules, in the event of an incident involving an unruly passenger on the aircraft, the airline must call the Federal Police and have the passenger disembark.

Source: CNN Brasil

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