Congo community asks authorities to investigate xenophobia and racism against Moïse

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In yet another day of investigations into the murder of Moïse Kabamgabe, African entities came together, this Wednesday (2), to demand that Brazilian authorities investigate crimes of xenophobia and racism against the young Congolese, who was brutally signed in a Barra da Tijuca kiosk, in Rio de Janeiro.

According to the president of the Community of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Brazil (CRDCB), Fernando Mupapa, Moïse’s color and nationality were decisive for the inhumane aggressions, which culminated in the young man’s death.

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“Governments, whether federal, state or municipal, must fight with political will to end this crime. A lot can be improved here to end this kind of brutality, xenophobia, racism, discrimination of origin. Because he (Moïse) was a foreigner and black, they thought there was no one for him”, says Mupapa.

In a note published on the national congress website, the presidents of the Permanent Joint Commission on International Migration and Refugees (CMMIR) of the National Congress, Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS), and of the Human Rights Commission (CDH), Senator Humberto Costa ( PT-PE), stated that the Senate will monitor the case and that it should hold a public hearing on the subject.

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“I request information and action regarding the murder of Moïse Kabagambe. It is urgent to quickly investigate the circumstances of the death and vigorously punish those responsible, as a clear message that the institutions will not allow even a shadow of impunity in episodes of this nature”, said Senator Humberto Costa.

According to the Congo Community in Brazil, around five thousand Congolese live in Rio de Janeiro. Although not generalizing, the organization says that other Congolese workers in the Rio de Janeiro capital are afraid to work. As well as Moise’s relatives.

“The African people in general are hardworking people, who go after their daily bread. Many are now shaken by this situation. Many are afraid to go back to work, among their relatives, some are feeling threatened”, said Yanick Mbau, vice president of CRDCB.

In a statement, the Black Coalition informed that it will report the death of Congolese Moïse Mugenyi to the United Nations (UN) Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Articulated by more than 250 national movements and collectives, they will call for measures against possible crimes of racism and xenophobia. The document is still in the production phase and is expected to be sent to the UN this Wednesday (2).

Also on Wednesday, relatives of Moïse appeared at the Homicide Division to testify to the authorities. Both are accompanied by the lawyer representing the OAB/RJ Human Rights Commission.

In the early afternoon, three suspects of involvement in the death of the Congolese were transferred to the prison in Benfica, after the justice of Rio de Janeiro decreed the temporary arrest of both.

“Brazil is a second homeland for all those who come to take refuge here or who have immigrated. He’s your adopted son. You have to give all the care as if you were a biological child. Moïse came here to have the security he didn’t have in Congo. And when he arrives here, this brutality, this fatality, is inhuman”, laments Mupapa.

CNN had access to all the footage from the kiosk’s internal circuit and decided to show the excerpts that show the ambush of Moïse. Assaults will not be displayed

Source: CNN Brasil

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