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Congratulations Manolis Christodoulakis to Nikos Androulakis

The secretary of PASOK and the Movement for Change, Manolis Christodoulakis, expressed his congratulations to Nikos Androulakis for his election to the leadership of the party, after the end of the election process.

An announcement issued states:

“Fofi Gennimata left us a great political legacy and with it a mandate. To unite, and with her own progressive identity, to make the faction a protagonist again. She was honored by 270,000 progressive citizens. We honor her and we will continue on the path she has set. .

I want to thank Nikos Androulakis, George Papandreou, but also the other candidates who with their struggle contributed to the success and massiveness of the process. I want to congratulate Nikos Androulakis for his election.

We have to realize that the big battles for the team are not the ones of the last weeks that we are leaving behind, but the crucial ones that we have ahead of us. For the society and the country. And they must find us all united and stronger. The mandate for this is in the hands of the new President. Like responsibility.

The much-proclaimed unity is proven in practice. As far as I am concerned, I will be part of this section. In practice. In the first line”.


Source From: Capital

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