ConsenSys monitors wallet activity of MetaMask users

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ConsenSys, the developer of the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, following the Uniswap decentralized exchange, announced that it collects data from users of the crypto wallet.

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According to ConsenSys, in addition to data related to identification, it tracks contact data, profile information and other data of users.

The developers explained that Infura, which is the default RPC provider in MetaMask, will collect data related to user IPs and wallet addresses for ETH transactions. RPC is a protocol for requesting data and information from a program running on a third party server.

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The company warned that if users do not want their data to be collected, they just need to switch to another RPC in MetaMask. Members of the Crypto Twitter community have expressed dissatisfaction with the move, which they believe is an invasion of the user’s privacy.

Last week, decentralized exchange Uniswap, in a new privacy policy, announced the collection of data on and off the blockchain associated with customers’ crypto wallets.

Source: Bits

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