Russian development and construction company PIK has released digital financial assets (DFAs) on the Atomize platform. The issue volume amounted to 9 million rubles.

The cost of the issued DFA is equal to the cost of an apartment in the Altufevskoye 53 residential complex. The circulation period of the DFA is until October 31, 2025.

“The issuer undertakes the search for a buyer for an apartment, registration of real estate transactions and other technical issues. An investor just needs to purchase a DFA on the Atomize platform, which is done in a matter of minutes,” the company said.

The issue itself is available to all investors, and the minimum lot for purchase is 1/10 of the CFA (9,000 rubles). When repaying the DFA, each investor will receive an income that will be proportional to the increase in the value of this apartment.

“Atomize was the first to launch “digital square meters” in May 2023. We are glad that the product is interesting to the market. A pilot release from a major developer is a landmark event that creates the preconditions for mass development of the product,” said Atomize CEO Alexey Ilyasov.

Earlier, the largest Russian state bank Sber decided to open access to the DFA platform to individuals. This new option is currently being tested on a limited group of users.

Earlier, Alfa Bank said that it would conduct two transactions with the CFA between its platform and the Sber platform. This is the first such operation on the newly emerging Russian market of digital financial assets.