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Contaminated beer: Court begins hearing defendants in the backer case

The court began hearing the defendants in the criminal case involving the Backer brewery. In total, 10 people are accused of involvement in the contamination of the tanks that caused 10 deaths and left another 19 with consequences after drinking the drink.

The testimonies took place at the 2nd Criminal Court of Belo Horizonte. On the first day, the company’s co-owners, Ana Paula Lebbos, Hayan Franco Khalil Lebbos and Munir Franco Kalil Lebbos, were heard.

The three interviewed emphasized that they had no knowledge and no participation in the production of beer or the purchase and maintenance of the brewery’s equipment at the time of the contamination.

This Thursday (29), the second day of testimony, judge Alexandre Magno de Resende Oliveira will hear technical managers Ramon Ramos de Almeida Silva, Sandro Luiz Pinto Duarte, Cristian Freire Brandt and Adenilson Resende de Freitas.

On Friday (30) those who testify are Alvaro Soares Roberti, Gilberto Lucas de Oliveira and Charles Guilherme da Silva. All defendants are accused of bodily harm, murder and attempted manslaughter through food contamination.

According to the press office of the District of Belo Horizonte, Paulo Luiz Lopes, who was also a defendant in the case, had his punishment terminated after failing to survive a stroke in 2020.

All witnesses for the prosecution and defense, according to the district, have already given statements to the court, but it is not possible to predict when the case will be sentenced.


The contamination of the company’s beers was discovered in January 2020 after several people who consumed the brand’s labels were hospitalized due to poisoning.

The police investigation was concluded in June and found that the beer was contaminated with the substance diethylene glycol through cracks in the tanks that stored the drink.

According to the Civil Police, 29 people who drank Backer beer developed a syndrome that caused acute kidney failure due to the toxic substance found in the drink and which leaked from one of the tanks. Of this total, ten people died and 19 had serious consequences.

Source: CNN Brasil

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