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Continuation of Cyberpunk 2077 and the new Witcher trilogy: CD Projekt RED shared plans for the future

Yesterday, October 4, employees of the Polish company CD Projekt RED held a small event during which the developers told fans about upcoming projects. For example, a big discovery was the announcement that the company’s developers are already working on the Orion project, which is a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077. They are creating a continuation of one of the most famous role-playing games in the world by the company’s internal forces, but so far there are no details about the project – the developers have nothing don’t talk about plot, location, or key characters. And, of course, it’s too early to talk about a release date right now – the sequel is now in the very early stages of planning.

However, it’s a little strange that the team has already started the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, because there are still plenty of problems in the original game. It remains only to hope that the developers will not rush with the conditional Cyberpunk 2077 2, because gamers will not forgive the failure at the release for the second time. Also, employees of the Polish company said that they are already working on a project code-named Polaris, which is a story-driven role-playing game based on the Witcher universe. At the presentation, they said that the novelty will be an action game with role-playing elements with a huge open world, just like the Wild Hunt, and that Polaris will be the first game in the trilogy.

And it’s probably worth waiting for the release of this game for about three years – at the event, representatives of the Polish giant said that the next two parts of the trilogy will be released within six years from the launch of Polaris, that is, it takes about three years to create one part. Another game is being created in the Witcher universe, codenamed Sirius, from third-party studio The Molasses Flood – it will support a cooperative multiplayer mode. But this is not the only game in the well-known franchise that a third-party studio is working on – the Canis Majoris project is still in development, which will give an open world based on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

The project called Hadar completes the list of upcoming new products – this is a completely new project in its own franchise, which has nothing to do with The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt RED itself is developing the game, but so far the project is at a very early stage – now specialists are creating and they are working on the setting, so it’s worth waiting for the release in five years, if not later. After all, if the game has just begun to be designed, then it will probably not be released on the current generation of consoles.

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