Contra Macron – Morrison: You lied to me about the submarines – “I do not think I did, no”

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THE Scott Morrison, assured today that he has never lied to him while in the political arena and added that he is tough enough to face the allegations of dishonesty shot against him by the French president Emanuel Macron, but not only.

In particular, the Conservative Prime Minister of Australia, when asked if he had ever lied during his political career since 2007 when he was elected Member of Parliament, Mr. Morrison responded to a reporter on Melbourne’s 3AW radio station. “I do not think I did it (s.s. to lie), no.”

Earlier this month, Mr Macron accused the Australian Prime Minister of telling him lies about the bilateral state contract 55 billion euros which foresaw the market 12 French conventional submarines for Australian Navy, which was canceled unannounced in September.

The French president found himself in the middle of it, discovering that the government of Scott Morrison negotiated a contract for the purchase of nuclear-powered submarines with the USA and Britain instead.

“I know ‘Mr Morrison’ lied to me, ‘” Mr Macron insisted. speaking to Australian journalists earlier this month.

Morrison’s honesty is also being challenged by the opposition and his party opponents

Mr Morrison’s honesty is also being challenged by the opposition and his inner-party opponents, especially since he announced earlier this week that his government would spend A $ 178 million (€ 113 million) to support the adoption of electric cars. three years criticized this technology.

His predecessor and opponent in the race for the leadership of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull, added fuel to the fire, assuring that Scott Morrison has a reputation as a man who lies with absolute naturalness.

The issue has gained momentum in the Australian political scene amid the script that Mr Morrison wants to is unable to secure a second term in the upcoming elections of May 2022.

Nevertheless, the head of the Australian government does not seem intimidated. “I have learned in public life (…) not to have sensitive skin, not to have bitterness.” He insisted that he made the right decision for the Australian national defense.

Mr. Morrison’s statements are being recorded at Australia is trying to restore its relations with France and Europe, reports AMPE.

In solidarity with Paris, the European Union postponed for the second time the new round of talks on concluding a trade agreement with Australia. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is now questioning whether she should even sign.

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