COP26: Discover actions that are transforming the environment

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According to a survey by the Institute of Technology and Society/Ibope, 72% of Brazilians believe that the climate crisis can severely harm the current generation. And just as the negotiations at COP26, in Glasgow, take place for countries to make an effort to reduce the impacts of global warming, Brazilian companies also want to change the scenario.

According to data from the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and the FSB Institute, sustainability projects are seen as an opportunity for 94% of executives from national companies. And 98% already adopt at least one action.

The main ones are aimed at avoiding wasting water (91%), energy (91%) and solid waste management (91%). Larger actions, such as reforestation (33%), are still timid, but they already make a difference.

Suzano, for example, a paper and cellulose industry, plans to connect 500,000 hectares for preservation in the Cerrado, Atlantic Forest and Amazon biomes. The company brought together professionals from the public and private sectors, NGOs and universities to put the conservation project into practice.

Vivo, on the other hand, which has had a sustainable trajectory since the Paris Agreement, in 2015, believes that transparency with society helps to achieve goals related to the environment. According to the group’s sustainability executive, Joanes Ribas, the pressure also needs to come from consumers.

“From the moment the company positions itself in the market, it has goals, it is reduced, it is generating value, society also has to pressure other companies to look at this”, Ribas told CNN.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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