COP26: Incomplete climate agreement reached

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THE COP26 approved today the “Glasgow Agreement»In order to accelerate the battle against it climate warming, but without ensuring that it will be limited to 1.5 degrees Celsius or that there will be no response to the requests for help from poor countries.

The final adoption of the text was achieved after two weeks of painstaking negotiations, with a hitting the hammer of the British President of the World Conference on climate and following last-minute changes made by China and India in the field of fossil fuel energy. India in particular has succeeded in changing the wording for carbon from “phasing out” to “phasing out” in the final text, causing frustration for most but especially for representatives of the developing world.

Britain’s environment minister and chairman of COP26 Alok Sarma said, according to the Guardian, that the agreement was “incomplete” but showed “consensus and support”. He even apologized for the way the process went. “I know the deep disappointment. “But it is also vital that we protect this agreement.”

The draft proposal was drafted by the countries hosted by Britain at the COP26 conference, and had to be approved by the approximately 200 countries represented at the conference, which analyzed its details today.

The work of the conference was scheduled to be completed yesterday, Friday.

The proposal has retained the key condition for countries to draw up stricter climate commitments from next year, in an effort to bridge the gap between current emission reduction plans this decade and -A substantially- more drastic reductions required according to scientists, to stop the rise in global temperature, above 15 degrees Celsius, with catastrophic consequences.

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