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COP27 starts this Sunday in Egypt; see what to expect

The COP27 international climate summit begins this Sunday (6th), in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. More than 30,000 delegates from around 200 countries are expected to attend.

The meeting will take place at the city’s International Convention Center until November 18. The objective is to discuss details on how to slow down climate change and help countries that are already feeling its impacts.

COP27 is the 27th United Nations Conference on Climate Change. It brings together official representatives of governments and civil society.

COPs are the largest and most important annual climate-related conferences.

The first took place in 1994, after 197 countries signed a treaty committing to stabilizing concentrations of greenhouse gases. The treaty was signed at the ECO-92 conference, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, organized by the United Nations (UN).

Lula’s participation

The PT president, deputy Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR), confirmed the visit of the elected president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), to the climate summit. With the departure, Lula intends to regain Brazil’s leading role in the international community.

According to Gleisi, the president-elect will be part of the delegation of the Legal Amazon Consortium, coordinated by the governor of Amapá, Waldez Góes (PDT), who invited Lula.

On October 31, the re-elected governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho (MDB), had posted on his Twitter about the invitation. “We are working hard for the regulation of the low carbon economy and Lula would be a fundamental reinforcement in this fight to combine economic development with sustainability”, wrote Barbalho.

In his victory speech after the announcement of the results of the second round of the 2022 election, Lula addressed the issue of the environment.

“We are open to international cooperation to preserve the Amazon, whether in the form of investment or scientific research. But always under the leadership of Brazil, without ever renouncing our sovereignty,” he said.

Throughout the campaign, the PT candidate for the presidency spoke several times about the need to, without giving up his sovereignty, “explore the Amazon in a sustainable way”, defending dialogue with other countries.

COP26 culminated in the Glasgow Climate Pact

COP26, which took place in 2021, culminated in the Glasgow Climate Pact, with the goal of containing global warming to 1.5°C.

The meeting also marked the five years of the Paris Agreement and finalized the details for its practical implementation.

Also during COP26, countries agreed to deliver more ambitious commitments in 2022, including updated and detailed national plans.

What to expect from COP27

According to the UN, the planet’s resolve to fight global warming must be called into question, as floods hit Pakistan, South Africa and Nigeria, heat waves hit the Arctic and across Europe and record droughts. take place in the western United States and France.

A UN report released in October showed that most countries are behind on their existing commitments to reduce carbon output, with global greenhouse gas emissions on track to increase by 10.6% by 2030 compared to current levels. of 2010.

Only 24 of the nearly 200 countries participating in the COP27 negotiations have submitted new or updated emission reduction plans since last year’s UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. At the time, everyone pledged to do so, according to the UN climate agency.

According to the coordination, COP27 will be about “coming out of the negotiations and planning the implementation” of all the promises made.

In this context, most countries are dealing with the aftermath of the war between Russia and Ukraine, in addition to rising food and fuel prices, along with slowing economic growth.

As Reuters pointed out, the tension in relations this year between the main emitters of greenhouse gases, China and the United States, worries experts in relation to expectations for the conference.

The two countries, which were already vying for global prominence, saw the war in Ukraine and the pandemic accelerate the rivalry between Chinese and Americans. International sanctions on Russia have brought Moscow closer to Beijing, and China has reduced its dependence on the West.

According to Reuters, natural gas could also be featured at the COP, given its importance to the host continent, Egypt. Oil-rich African countries argue that they have the right to develop their resources, especially as Europe seeks new suppliers to replace Russia.

*Posted by Carolina Cerqueira

Source: CNN Brasil

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