Copacabana New Year’s Eve has 14 prisoners and two teenagers apprehended

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At least 14 people were arrested in the act and two teenagers apprehended during New Year’s Eve in Copacabana and region, according to the latest update from the Military Police of RJ, released this Saturday (1).

Rio de Janeiro continues to occupy more than 90% of its hotels, with tourists from Brazil and abroad still in the capital. The concern with post-New Year’s security increases with the January holidays and the attractive summer, combined with the beaches.

Images obtained by CNN recorded scenes that negatively marked a party planned to be quiet, with fewer patrons on the shore for the expected fireworks display. In them, there is a general rush of people.

In another video, a tourist prepares with her family for a recording of fireworks in the sand of Copacabana and has her cell phone stolen. The images show the cell phone being taken from the victim’s hands.

Despite being emptier and without shows, the change in Copacabana also had a record of confusion and people injured. All were rescued and have already been discharged from the hospital.

The Civil Police says it will investigate the incidents and try to identify other people suspected of causing the disorder during the event. The Public Relations of the Military Police, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Blaz said that one of the details that causes concern for the authorities is the presence of minors recruited to commit offenses in tourist areas of Rio.

Blaz pointed out that many offending teenagers who participated in the riots during Copacabana’s New Year’s Eve are from communities in the region.

The recommendation for tourists is to pay attention to valuables and display electronic devices in the city’s landscapes.

Read the full note from the Military Police:

The Press Office of the Secretary of State for the Military Police informs that this Friday night (12/31) and Saturday morning (01/01), so far, the command of the 19th BPM (Copacabana) has registered, in different occurrences , the arrest of seven men; two teenagers were apprehended; two men were booked and released; a firearm and 8.87 grams of marijuana were seized. Approaches and searches were carried out to 72 individuals.
Below is information about some of the main occurrences attended by the teams of the 19th BPM and other units that work in the policing plan for the 2021/2022 New Year’s Eve.
A team from the 19th BPM (Copacabana) patrolling Avenida Atlântica, near Rua Paula Freitas, apprehended two teenagers after stealing a victim’s cell phone. The cell phone was retrieved and they were taken to the 14th DP. The occurrence took place in the early evening.
Serial thefts were also verified. According to the command of the 19th BPM, the offenders took advantage of the festive moment at the turn of the year to steal cell phones from victims while they socialized using their phones to take pictures. Some people were injured and were taken to the medical post where they received care.
Early in the morning, three men were arrested on Avenida Atlântica near Rua Rodolfo Dantas, for stealing a victim’s cell phone. The parties were taken to the 12th DP to record the occurrence.
Police officers from the Special Rounds and Crowd Control Battalion (RECOM) arrested two individuals in the act with a pistol, in the vicinity of Post 4. In this occurrence, the weapon, ammunition and seven cell phones were seized. The registration was made on the 14th DP.
At around 10 pm, police officers from the 19th BPM arrested a man for stealing a victim’s cord in the vicinity of Avenida Atlântica and Rua Fernando Mendes. The occurrence was registered in the 14th DP.
Another man was arrested early in the morning by police from the Specialized Battalion for Policing Stadiums (BEPE) for stealing a victim’s cord. The occurrence was registered in the 12th DP. The cord has not been retrieved. The occurrence took place near Duvivier Street.
In another action, BEPE military police were mobilized to contain a riot in the vicinity of Rua Djalma Ulrich. At the scene, an individual had assaulted a victim. Military police officers took the wounded man to the Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital, where he received care. They then led the parties to the 14th DP to register the occurrence. The accused was charged with bodily injury.
And, in the vicinity of Rua Miguel Lemos, six individuals, including a teenager, were taken to the 13th DP, in an occurrence of drug use and consumption. Five were released and one man was booked and later released. The seized material was sent to the 12th DP for assessment by the on-duty expert.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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