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Coregasm, the orgasm that “comes” while doing sports

A coregasm it’s a orgasm which occurs while you are doing an exercise or workout. When you activate your muscles to stabilize the coreyou may also end up contracting those of the pelvic floor, which are essential for achieving orgasm.

It may seem unusual, but scientists have recognized this phenomenon since the 1950s. In the medical literature, a “coregasm” is referred to as exercise induced orgasm (EIO) or exercise induced sexual pleasure (EISP).

How does a coregasm happen?

Scientists are still not exactly sure why coregasms occur. The prevailing theory is that the abdominal and pelvic muscles under exertion they produce some kind of internal stimulation that causes one spasm to the point of inducing an orgasm. For men, this can be related to stimulation of the prostate.

Given these premises, there is probably no fixed pattern of muscle activation that can lead to coregasm. The ability to have one can be determined byanatomygive Emotional state and from muscle strength used at the time of training or since body movement.

In any case, there is one thing that scientists know for sure: coregasms occur independently of sexual thoughts and fantasies. They are considered to be asexual in nature.

Can everyone have a coregasm?

Both men and women can have coregasmbut they are considered less common in menalthough most of the coregasm research has been reported to have focused on women.

How does it feel during a coregasm?

For womena coregasm is similar to a deep vaginal orgasm, although it may not be as intense. Some women argue that it is more like a tingling in the lower abdominal area, inner thigh or pelvis instead of a pulsating sensation in the clitoris.

For the mena coregasm may look similar to a prostate orgasm. Prostate orgasms are said to last longer and are more intense, this is because they can produce a continuous sensation instead of a pulsating one, which can also expand throughout the body. Ejaculation is also possible, even if the penis is not erect.

Exercises that can provoke a coregasm

There are some exercises associated with coregasm. Most of these involve the core work, especially the lower abdominals. This is because in general, physical activity can increase blood flow to the genitals.

In any case, for womenthe list of exercises that can induce a coregasm includes:

  • side crunches
  • crunch
  • leg lift
  • knee lift
  • hip thrust
  • squat
  • suspension leg lifting
  • plank and variations
  • rope climbing or pole dance
  • pull-up
  • chinup
  • backward leg bending.

Positions yogathe position of the boat, eagle and deck they go to work on the abs.

For manon the other hand, the exercises that could induce coregasm are:

  • abdominal muscles
  • weightlifting
  • climbing
  • pull-up
  • chinup

Coregasm has also been associated with cyclingat the spinning and to race.

How to prevent a coregasm

An orgasm is always recommended, but maybe one that occurs in public places or places frequented by other people could be embarrassing or uncomfortable, making you feel uncomfortable. If you feel a coregasm coming, try quitting the exercise, moving on to the next one. This should be enough to prevent it from increasing in intensity.

In any case, should it happen, enjoy the experience and don’t be too focused on the results. Afterwards you are likely to feel more sexually desirable, energized and aroused, with the bonus of physical activity, which strengthens muscle tone.

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