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Coreterno and St. Regis Rome, the union made of the same substance as dreams

Magical suspension between past and present: this is Rome. In the capital, however, there is a place with a plus: prestigious The St. Regis Hotel in fact, the suspension between past and present is tangible as soon as you enter the entrance, but what you perceive is also an open vision of the near future. Precisely for this particular one attitude, the prestigious luxury hotel, in whose suites sovereigns, Hollywood actors and rock stars have stayed, has found a common spirit in Coreterno, an Italian brand divided between Rome and New York.

Photo Courtesy Press Office

The brand’s lifestyle is, in fact, a mystical and conceptual punk that is addressed without filters, drawing from the past but making it re-emerge richer and more updated, essentially free. A fthe rouge which passes through the famous gold rings with the quotation of a phrase by Dante, much loved by Letizia of Spain, to the embroidered cushions up to the paintings in limited edition.

Letizia of Spain wears the Coreterno ring at the coronation of King Charles. Getty photo

Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

It began from this profoundly avant-garde perspective the partnership with The St.Regis materialized primarily with the restyling of the iconic Blue Library of the hotel by Coreterno who transformed it into an elegant sapphire blue oasis, where the protagonist is Believe in the beauty of your dreams, the great visual on canvas. Candles, perfumes and cushions decorate the space (it wasn’t renamed for nothing Chambre des Marvailles, chamber of wonders).

Today’s royal outfit: Letizia of Spain, a pink cloud

The sovereign scored another stylistic goal, showing off a vaporous pink blouse


The Blue Library at The St. Regis Rome. Photo Courtesy Press Office

Partnership that continues with Visions of Grace, the collection of new amenities for the suites of The St.Regis, including toiletries inspired by eau de parfum Punk Motel, the iconic Coreterno fragrance, and fine fabrics for tote bags, bucket hats and roomware. What makes the collection special is undoubtedly the exclusive pattern: the creative director of Coreterno, Michelangelo Brancato, has reinterpreted a frieze of the building of The St. Regis Rome, the classic nineteenth-century background motif with a French foliage that frames the neoclassical high reliefs in Roman style, theheritage nineteenth-century of the building that houses the hotel which meets the classicism of the city that hosts it.

The tote bag Visions of Grace by Coreterno for The St.Regis Rome. Photo Courtesy Press Office

Tradition and modernity with an eye to the present which is expressed through a strong attention to sustainability, using for loungewear and courtesy products recycled materials such as aluminium, recycled plastic and organic cotton.

The baseball cap and the bucket hat Visions of Grace by Coreterno for The St.Regis. Photo Courtesy Press Office

Also for the presentation of Visions of Grace, the mixologist and nose Oscar Quagliarini has proposed a new cocktail inspired by Punk Motel, Coreterno’s signature eau de parfum, delicate but full of character, served with a splash of an edible white rose and bergamot fragrance.

Candles and cushions by Coreterno at The St.Regis Rome. Photo Courtesy Press Office

In short, artisanal excellence, which stands out for its contemporary vision, continues to marry with excellence in hospitality and with the heritage of The St.Regis Rome. A dream wedding that is destined to last in the Eternal City.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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