Corfu: The first floating ambulance on the island was inaugurated by G. Plakiotakis

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The new financing of the Ministry of Shipping, for the modernization of the port infrastructure of the Ionian islands, but also investments in the maritime transport of the islands, announced from Corfu the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Giannis Plakiotakis, who early in the morning “delivered” the first ambulance on the island of Faiaka.

“The institutionalization of the integrated maritime policy and its specialization as a national strategy has already yielded results. We have secured over 1 billion euros for the next programming period and we answer two very basic problems of insularity: The adequacy of quality ferry connections, in combination In this context, we announced today specific funding for port infrastructure both at the level of the Ionian Islands Region, which for the whole region from the resources of the NSRF and the Development Fund reaches 29 million euros, while for the regional unit of Corfu they reach 18 million euros.We also announced the financing of specific ferry links, for the whole Ionian Islands Region, which for the next programming period, for the next seven years, reach 44 million euros So we have funding in total for the Ionian island region “, in modernization of port infrastructure, but also in investments in maritime transport that exceed 73 million euros”, said Mr. Plakiotakis, in a wide meeting held at the headquarters of the Ionian Islands Region, in which the port projects of Corfu were examined, as well as the ferry connection of the island.

Earlier, the minister, upon his arrival on the island, attended the Corfu Port Authority, the ceremony of joining the fleet of the Coast Guard of a new floating ambulance, equipped with modern medical equipment, which was acquired through the Operational Program of the will operate in the Ionian Sea based in Corfu.

“Today we launched the first floating ambulance for the Ionian Islands Region. A modern patrol boat with state-of-the-art medical equipment that can safely transport patients even in serious cases. “EKAB, thus promoting Greek innovation and design. The boat was built in Greece so it is 100% made in Greece” said the Shipping and Island Policy at the opening ceremony.

The Minister is accompanied by the Secretary General of Ports, Port Policy & Maritime Investments, Evangelos Kyriazopoulos, the Secretary General of the Aegean & Island Policy, Manolis Koutoulakis, the Chief of the Coast Guard-Hellenic Coast Guard, Admiral D. , Athena Fokas, and the director of the Maritime Transport Directorate, Captain George Rigas.

The Corfu floating ambulance is one of the new five floating ambulances that will be delivered to the Greek islands, by the end of the year. They have already been delivered by one to the Port Authorities of Skiathos and Aegina, another is expected to be given to the Ionian Islands Region, while the last of the five boats will be given to the Port Authority of Samothrace.

“The floating ambulances are manufactured by a Greek company in Thebes, they are diesel, 11.38 meters long, have two modern engines totaling 760 hp, develop a speed of over 40 knots, have a range of over 300 nautical miles and have a capacity of 12 passengers. “In addition, they have a specially designed patient ward with modern sanitary equipment”, said among others in his short greeting, the leader of LS-EA, Rear Admiral Theodoros Kliaris, and thanked the governor of Ionian Islands in the implementation of the project by including in the Operational Program of the Region the supply of two floating ambulances.

“Today we are taking a step to upgrade the security and the balanced treatment of the goods that the State currently offers to all the islands. “It can safely deal with the circumstances of our suffering fellow citizens from Corfu, the Diapontia Islands and Paxos” said, among others, the governor of the Ionian Islands Rodi Kratsa Tsagaropoulou.

At noon, the minister, accompanied by the Corfu MP of ND Stefanos Gikas and the governor of the Ionian Islands, will visit Agios Stefanos Esperion, where he will have a meeting with the mayor of North Corfu Georgios Macheimaris to announce the creation of a in the area.



Source From: Capital

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