Corfu: The island is taking off touristically – June ended with 70%-90% occupancy in hotels

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At the crown of attracting tourists is the island of Faiakon, which claims one of the first places of preference for holidays in Greece from abroad, but also the rest of Greece.

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As Dimitris Roussos, the president of the employees of the CAA Corfu, told APE-MPE, “more than 300,000 tourists from abroad boarded at Ioannis Kapodistrias airport during June alone, while the number of flights is expected to increase during the current month.” .

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Specifically, June recorded 1827 foreign flights, of which 600 were from Great Britain, 341 from Germany, 178 from Italy, 134 from Poland, 92 from France, while it is noteworthy that after three years, according to Mr. Rousso, “flights were also activated from the northern countries, Sweden, Finland and Norway”.

At the same time, it is a fact that many airlines extend the time of flights to the island until the first ten days of November.

“We are going to the levels of 2019 and maybe we will surpass them” points out the president of the employees of CAA Corfu.

At the same time, the President of Corfu Hoteliers, Babis Voulgaris, is also completely satisfied with the tourist traffic, as he says “June closed with 70%-90% occupancy in the hotels, while July also reaches 80% occupancy according to the reservations- 90% in the major hotels of the island”.

“The messages are very positive,” says Mr. Voulgaris to APE-MPE.

Moreover, for the month of June, according to the Corfu Port Authority, 67 cruise ships approached the island for one-day holidays, while in July 72 cruise ships are expected to “tie up”.

The number of passengers arriving in Corfu by ferry has also increased, with the Greeks continuing to show a particular preference for the bride of June, who reportedly holds the scepter of tourism in Greece.


Source: Capital

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