Coronation of Charles III, Camilla’s “rules” for welcoming guests to royal residences

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Next May 6, at Westminster Abbey, a crown will rest on the head of kings Charles III and his wife, the Queen Camilla, during a solemn ceremony in the presence of three thousand guests: royals from all European houses, heads of state, aristocrats, dignitaries. Some of them in those days they will be hosted in the various royal residences. And the sovereigns of England, as revealed by an insider al Email Online“they want them to live a warm experience»: «They don’t want houses and buildings to function like motels». For this Camilla would have already given the royal staff precise orders on how to order houses and palaces that will host the guests. For example “he doesn’t want towels on the bed, but placed on the heated towel rails in the bathrooms e she wants nice soapsnot those little individually packaged soaps you find in a hotel».

News that the Buckingham Palace staff would not have liked at all: «Real employeeswho served the queen for decades Elizabeth and the prince Philip“have difficulty adapting to changes”, so much so that “a housekeeper has resigned»: “Everyone is confused and busier than ever. But Camilla has clear ideas: the Windsor mansions in the days ofcoronation “They should be managed as relaxed family homes, not formal royal abodes.”

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As if that weren’t enough, the insider continues, the royal staff would also be upset by the behavior of King Charles: «Usually the staff of the Palace are used to fleeing in a hurry when they meet a royal. But the ruler wants employees to relax, stops to talk to them». And they “don’t understand” this attitude: “Old habits are hard to break. Let’s say that the Buckingham Palace and Sandringham teams are definitely busy these days».

On the other hand, Charles and Camilla want everything to be perfect in view of the big day when they will officially become kings of England. A crucial point, however, still seems uncertain a few months after the event: the prince Harry And Meghan Markle Will they be present at the coronation? According to increasingly insistent rumors, Carlo hopes that both of his children, the now brothers-knives William and Harryparticipate next May in the ceremony a Westminster Abbey. And he would be doing everything to reach a truce before the coronation. But William, who in the book-bomb Shoot he is portrayed as violent, and even teased for his bald head, he would not even want to hear about truces.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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