Coronavac’s effectiveness is greater in the elderly, according to data from a study in Serrana

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Data from Project S, a study carried out by the Butantan Institute in the city of Serrana, São Paulo, showed high effectiveness of Coronavac in the elderly, even greater than the protection seen in the other age groups analyzed in the study.

“In elderly people over 60 years, the effectiveness was similar to the entire population: 86.4% effectiveness for symptomatic cases and 96.9% against hospitalizations and deaths, an excellent effectiveness,” said the director of the State Hospital of Serrana , Marcos Borges, during the first day of the CoronaVac Symposium, an online event that discusses data and evidence about CoronaVac with experts from different countries.

The effectiveness of Coronavac in the city, also analyzing other age groups, was 80.5% in symptomatic cases and 95% against hospitalizations and deaths, comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated. According to the Institute, this proves that protection for the elderly was even higher and contributed to collective immunity against Covid-19 in the municipality.

“Although these data also allow for indirect immunization, the more people who are vaccinated, the better the effect we will obtain”, completed Marcos.

In its first stage, Project S vaccinated 27 thousand people in Serrana with two doses of Coronavac in an interval of 28 days. In total, 81.3% of the adult population and 60.9% of the urban population of Serrana completed the vaccination schedule, equivalent to about 27 thousand people. Of this number, 16% were older than 60 years.

According to Butantan, immunization proved to be effective to contain the transmission and control the pandemic, even with about 10 thousand residents working in the city of Ribeirão Preto, where, in the same period, there was a high number of cases.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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