Coronavirus: Admissions to hospitals and ICUs in Italy are increasing

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In Italy, citizen admissions to hospitals and intensive care units began to increase due to the Delta variant of coronavirus. In all hospital wards, 4% of patients are infected with coronavirus. By the end of July the corresponding rate was 3%.

At the same time, the percentage of patients with covid in intensive care units is 3%. For a number of weeks it had remained stable at 2%. Yesterday, in Italy, 20 people died from the virus, with 3,190 new cases and a positive result of all diagnostic tests, 3.8%.

Regarding the different regions of the country, in Sardinia in 9% of the ICU places patients with coronavirus are treated, while in Sicily and in the wider area of ​​Rome the specific percentage is 5%.

There is a large increase in Sicily and Calabria, in all hospital units. The percentage of patients infected with the pandemic and admitted to the hospital is 10% and 9% respectively. It is followed by Campania with Naples as its capital and a percentage of 6%.

It is recalled that according to the new criteria adopted by the Draghi government, new restrictions and protection measures will be imposed in Italy (with the declaration of a yellow zone) when in one region covid patients exceed 15% of those admitted to hospitals and 10% of those are located in the ICU.

According to many commentators, as a result, by August 15, areas such as Sardinia and Sicily are in danger of turning into a yellow zone.

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