Coronavirus – Argentina: 300 ship passengers in isolation due to a case

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Case coronavirus was found on a ship in Argentina. The passenger ship that carries almost 300 people was not allowed to dock in Puerto Madrid, in the south Argentina, and the occupants of it were put in isolation yesterday Tuesday, following the detection of a case of SARS-CoV-2, amid concerns about Omicron mutation.

The Latin American country’s health ministry said in a press release that it had “ordered the isolation of all passengers on the Hamburg ship” after the incident was identified.

The ship, sailing under the Bahamas flag, is at sea off the coast of Samporobon Bay, about 280 kilometers southeast of Buenos Aires. He made a stopover in the Argentine capital on Friday.

PCR test on passengers and crew

After the alarm on the boat about the possible case, they were done PCR test within 24 hours on 170 passengers and 156 crew members, all of which had a “negative result”, including “Of the person who was considered (how is) the suspected case” and continues to be in isolation on the ship, noted the Minister of Health, Carla Vitsotti.

But a member of the crew – of his medical staff – who had been tested with a negative result on Saturday, did yesterday Monday antigen test with a positive result. The person is “asymptomatic”, the Hamburg captain said, according to the ministry’s press release.

An epidemiological investigation is underway on the ship, the results of which “will show us what the next steps are to be followed”, according to the same source.

37 passengers disembarked in Buenos Aires after it became known that the results of the tests they underwent were negative, while 152 boarded.

The ship was en route to the south coast of Argentina, but the port authority in Puerto Madrin, 1,300 kilometers from Buenos Aires, announced on Tuesday that it would not allow it to dock. His next stop is Ushuaia, at 3,000 kilometers.

Referring to the concern raised by its location Omicron variant, although to date Argentina has not confirmed any of its cases, the ministry noted that Cape Verde, where Hamburg had previously docked, “is more than 600 km from the African continent”, and that “the epidemiological situation in the country this is favorable “, with” a weekly average of five cases of new coronavirus per day “.

Nevertheless, “in view of the danger posed by the new Omicron variant” and “as a precaution, the measures taken have been decided,” he added.

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