Coronavirus: Australia Develops First MRNA Vaccine – What’s the Difference

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Scientists from Australia developed the first mRNA vaccine of the country, which they hope can be adapted appropriately to protect it from new variants coronavirus like the Ομικρον. This is the first time Australia has developed a new mRNA technology vaccine.

In particular, the vaccine, which created within five months by researchers at the University of Melbourne Alone, the Australian pharmaceutical company IDT Australia and the Doherty Institute, is in clinical trials and approvals.

The first results of the studies are expected within 2022, but it will probably take years for the vaccine to be widely used, as three phases of clinical trials must first be completed and licensed by the regulatory-supervisory authorities, according to the APE-MPE.

Colon Putton, a professor of pharmaceutical biology at Mona University, told the Guardian that the new vaccine was different from existing Covid-19 vaccines, as it uses a smaller portion of the virus’s protein to induce immunization.

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