Coronavirus – Austria: Only vaccinated or sick people will have access to restaurants, hotels and events

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From Monday, November 8 throughout Austria one should have vaccination certificate the disease (Rule 2G) in order to have access where until now those who presented a negative diagnostic test could be located (Rule 3G), the chancellor announced on Friday night Alexander Salenberg, in the shadow of 9,618 cases coronavirus recorded in the country in the last 24 hours.

The new regulation, Mr. Salenberg stressed during a press conference he gave a while ago, will be implemented in hotels, restaurants and other stores focus and in addition to events in which more than 25 people, σε nursing homes, σε providing services that require close contact, σε sports and cultural events and Recreation Area.

In the retail and in museums use will be required FFP2 type protective mask.

During a transitional period four weeks, the 2G Rule will also include those who have already been vaccinated once if they also present a negative result in a molecular test, as transmitted by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

“Please make an appointment as soon as possible!”

«We need to tighten the straps for anyone who has not been vaccinated. No one wants to be divided, but it is also the responsibility of the state to protect the people in the country“Mr. Salenberg characteristically stated and spoke about the ‘extraordinary dynamics’ of infections.

“Everyone in this country has a common responsibility. There is certainly no 100% protection, this never exists. But whoever gets in the car, puts on a seat belt. And the vaccine against Covid-19 is our safety belt “, he added and repeated the words of the Pope, that”vaccination is an act of charity». “Please make an appointment as soon as possible!”, The chancellor called on the citizens, noting at the same time that the basic immunization now requires three vaccinations.

The 2G Rule was already in force in some parts of Austria, while in Vienna the 2G Rule had already been implemented by hairdressers and restaurants. The 3G Rule applied to workplaces, which, according to the Minister of Health Wolfgang Mukstein, has already resulted in a doubling of the first vaccinations. Until today in Austria it had been fully vaccinated 63,3% of the population.

As for him booster vaccination, in Vienna one can be vaccinated with a preparation from today BioNTech/Pfizer the Modern in 37 parts of the city and in fact without an appointment.

It is worth mentioning that the 2G Rule announced earlier tonight that it will apply from next Monday and its state Saxony in Germany.

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