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Coronavirus – Brazil: State of emergency ends – 662,000 dead

Coronavirus – Brazil: State of emergency ends – 662,000 dead

The situation with the coronavirus is improved in Brazil and the government is expected to announce in the coming days the lifting of the restrictive measures that came into force in February 2020 and the end of the state of emergency.

“Thanks to the improvement of the epidemiological picture, the huge vaccination coverage of the population and the possibilities of SUS (public health system), we meet the conditions to announce (yesterday Sunday 17/4) the end of the state of emergency,” he said in Brazilian. TV Minister Marcelo Keiroga.

The decision will be formalized “in the coming days” with a decree declaring the end of the state of emergency, which was declared on February 3, 2020 and allowed the purchase of vaccines and drugs without restrictions. The decision, however, “does not signal the end” of the pandemic and “we will continue to live with the virus,” the minister added, according to AFP.

Only the US has more dead

The announcement came after a demand was made a few weeks ago to his minister for the president to declare “the end of the pandemic”. Zaich Bolsonaruwhich from the beginning degraded the severity of the pandemic, so that the country could return to normal.

The government of the far-right president, who will run for re-election in November, has been widely criticized for its handling of the crisis. COVID-19 has claimed the lives of over 662,000 people in Brazil since March 2020. This is the second heaviest pandemic in the world. Only the United States counts more deaths than the largest Latin American country.

Source: News Beast