Coronavirus – Britain: Delta Plus mutation under observation

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Health authorities in Britain are closely monitoring a new mutation (AV.4.2.) Of the variant Delta of coronavirus, which causes an increasing number of cases.

According to the latest data, according to the BBC and the Financial Times, the 6% Covid-19 new cases, which have been genetically analyzed, are due to this new mutation, also known as Delta Plus.

Scientists are already studying whether this is a new threat, although experts believe amazing to escape from the existing vaccines, broadcasts by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

So far not has been characterized as a variant of concern.

It is recalled that Delta had acquired this designation in May this year, after it had already surpassed the variant Alpha, due increased transmissibility.

It is pointed out that ΑΥ.4.2 was located for the first time in July and since then late but steadily spreads.

So far not there is evidence that it is significantly more contagious than Delta, according to the same sources.

“It may be slightly more contagious”

The professor François Balou, director of the Institute of Genetics at University College London (UCL) stated that “it is potentially a marginally more infectious strain. It certainly does not compare to what we saw with Alpha and Delta, which were 50% to 60% more contagious. ”

He estimated that “it is probably up to 10% more contagious. At this stage I would say wait and see, without panic. It may be slightly more contagious, but not as completely destructive as we have seen before. “

It is worth mentioning that a few cases of Delta + have been detected in USA and Denmark, among other countries. Cases with this variant were recorded in the summer and by Turkish health authorities.

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